Searchcoil 44cm




Works with LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 and Z2


LORENZ original accessories


High quality and well tested

This search coil can be operated by a single person with the telescopic-S-rod-handle. It offers extreme depth ranges on either single coins or bigger objects buried deep in the ground. Depth ranges of more than 1 m for a metal object of the size of a soft drink can (0,33 l) or more than 50 cm on a single gold coin with 25 mm diameter make this coil interesting for a lot of different search and locating purposes.

Those extreme depth ranges on medium sized and bigger metal objects make frame mounted search coils unnecessary in some cases. Small items can be eliminated by increasing the distance between the coil and the ground. This 44 cm coil is more efficient as it covers much more ground than a 26cm coil does. Coins with a diameter of less than 15mm should rather be detected with smaller search coils.