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Accessories and coils

Different search coils can be connected to the LORENZ metaldetectors for special search and location purposes. In general, small search coils offer great detection depths on small metal objects while large search coils offer the highest possible detection depths on big objects. The possible detection depths also depend on the setting of the detector, the kind of metal and the shape of the metal object and slightly on the type of ground below the search coil. The low sensitivity for small metal pieces in conjunction with the very high sensitivity for bigger and deeper metal objects make the LORENZ DEEPMAX especially useful when using it with large frame mounted search coils. The maximum detection depths achievable with a 1m x 1m frame mounted search coil are very high and can be increased when enlarging the search coil to 1,5 m x 1,5 m, 2 m x 2 m or 3 m x 3 m. In that case it will no longer be possible to detect single coins or small nails with those very large frame mounted search coils. (Please refer the detection depths information)

Search coils

Searchcoil 26cm

26cm search coil

Searchcoil 26cm DD

26cm DD-search coil

Searchcoil 26cm DD

26cm differential search coil

Searchcoil 35cm

35cm search coil

Searchcoil 35cm DD

35cm DD-search coil

Searchcoil 44cm

44cm search coil

Searchcoil 1x1m

1m x 1m frame coil

Searchcoil 1x1m double

1m x 1m double frame coil

Telescopic pole

Telescopic S pole

Searchcoil 4m cable

Universal cable coil 4m perimeter

Searchcoil 8m cable

Universal cable coil 8m perimeter

Searchcoil 12m cable

Universal cable coil 12m perimeter


LORENZ Z2 Power Bank

Z2 Power Pack

LORENZ extension cable

Extension cable

Shoulder and belt strap



LORENZ Z2 Charger

Car power

LORENZ Z2 Charger


USB connector cable

USB connector cable

Headphone with adapter