Searchcoil 26cm DD




Works only with LORENZ DEEPMAX Z2


LORENZ original accessories


High quality and well tested

This particular search coil consists of three coils inside. A special circuitry of this coil and the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z2 with its high precision differential input, subtracts the signals of two coils in order to eliminate interferences from power lines or radio transmitters. Even signals from magnetic soils are eliminated as long as the coil is hold in parallel to the ground.

Compared to single coils the sensitivity to bigger metal objects is reduced. In most cases however the reduction of sensitivity is often accepted due to the stable and accurate operation in areas with plenty of electromagnetic interferences.

Compared to single coils this coil design will give a completely different signal response with two indications at the sides and a minimum point in the center of the coil. On the display beneath the main bar graph there is a +/- indication which will come on for easy pinpointing when this differential coil has been connected.