Searchcoil 1x1m double




Works with LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 and Z2


LORENZ original accessories


High quality and well tested

This specially designed double frame coil kit basically consists of two 1m x 1m frame coils mounted on each other at a distance of approximately 60 cm. Because of its ability to cancel out interferences from power lines or radio transmitters it can be used in areas where single loop coils will suffer from false signals and poor sensitivity when electromagnetic interferences are present.

The two coils receive the same amount of interference but work in opposite directions. Therefore, almost any interference is subtracted from each other while signals from the ground or metal objects will pass to the electronics. It is important that the components of the double frame kit are put together in the right order. The available kit consists of the following components: two 1m x 1m frame coils; four tubes 0,6m length; one Y adapter cable with three connectors; two carrying straps.

The two 1m x 1m frames have to be mounted on each other via the four tubes. Please make sure that both frames go in the same direction, so that the two yellow marks are pointing to each other the same way! Afterwards the marked Y adapter plug has to be connected to the lower frame which points to the ground.

The upper second frame has to be connected to the other adapter plug. The third connector has to be connected to the electronics control box. Note: It is advisable to make an operating test where the lower search coil pointing to the ground gives a signal when approaching to a metal piece located on the ground and the upper coil will cause a decay of the signal when a metal piece is approaching from the top towards the coil. This could only be tested with DEL = Delay settings and turned off AUTO 0.

The sensitivity of this double frame coil is almost the same as with the 1 m x 1 m single loop frame coil. This coil does only suffer from a very weak sensitivity reduction of less than 10 % for very deep and large metal objects. Especially when working in the GND Ground mode it is very useful to work with this particular search coil due to very stable and therefore sensitive operation.