Two step automatic ground balancing the Z1
  1. Zero in the Air
  2. Zero to the Ground



Detection depths
Metal object / Search coil 35cm DD-coil 45cm coil 1 x 1m double frame square 1,5 x 1,5m double frame square
X: Outside the range of the coil.
Detection depths recorded using the medium air; DELAY4/GND4, SENS5.
Detection depths can differ depending on different ground or delay settings.
With bigger metal objects far higher detection depths can be expected.
Gold nugget
d = 0,5 cm
28cm 30cm(X) X X
Silver coin
d = 2,5 cm
50cm 55cm 50cm(X) X
Brass plate
10 x 10 cm
100cm 110cm 145cm 170cm
Soft drink can
0,33 l
120cm 130cm 165cm 200cm
Iron box
30 x 18 x 15 cm
170cm 200cm 280cm 340cm
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